Baby Nutrition at Bright Beginnings

You've chosen to formula feed and you want to give your baby proper nutrition for a great start in life. What are her nutritional needs?

From birth until her first birthday, your baby will grow more rapidly than at any other time in her life. For example, the average healthy full-term baby will weigh twice as much at six months as she did at birth and three times as much by age twelve months. Your baby's brain will increase in size more in the first year than at any other time.

Rapid growth requires proper nutrition. Breast milk supplies nearly all of the nutrients needed in infancy and is the ideal form of baby nutrition. If you chose to formula feed then your baby's diet will need to supply ample energy, vitamins, minerals and building blocks such as protein and fats for healthy growth.

Providing the appropriate foods at the proper age may seem difficult, but here are some insights that will make this very important job easier.

Lipids: DHA and ARA
These special nutrients can provide benefits to infant mental and visual development.

Vital Nutrients for Infants
You know how to take care of your own nutrition needs, but for your new infant, it may be a different story.

Baby Formula Basics
An introduction to the basics of formula including choosing an formula, mixing and storing formula, and feeding your infant.

Starting Your Baby on Solids
Introduce solid foods into your growing infant's diet to ensure proper nutrition.


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